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Pittsburgh Controls installs the Reliable Controls® MACH-System. It has been designed to be simple to install, easy to program, flexible to network, and a sustainable investment.

The software products are easy-to-learn and simple-to-use, that are flexible in application and programming, and provide good value for your dollar.

The entire suite of software products have been developed with efficient coding and numerous product features by in-house developers and programmers, inspired by loyal customer and dealer input.

All hardware and software come with an industry-best, unmatched five-year warranty.

Reliable Controls


BACnet Tested and Listed Products
Robust, modular hardware design
Accessible on mobile device
Internet Connected
Secured System Access
Backward Compatible
Automated Energy Reporting
Wireless Integration
Powerful creative freedom. Recognized as the ultimate all-in-one BACnet Advanced Workstation (B-AWS), RC-Studio from Reliable Controls provides outstanding functionality, value, and ease of programming.
RC-WebView is a powerful enterprise solution that meets or exceeds the BACnet Operator Workstation profile (B-OWS), allowing operators to command any BACnet Internet-connected building from anywhere in the world.
RC-RemoteAccess provides secure access to any remote system. Simplify your MACH-System's Internet configuration while improving your cybersecurity with this IT-friendly, BACnet Virtual Private Network softwae.
The myControl mobile app offers customized mobile interfaces to your Reliable Controls MACH-System. Access and control your building from your mobile device.
Extract intelligence from your archived building data and make informed operational decisions with Reliable Controls RC-Reporter. This fully customizable, server-based application allows you to analyze the trend and runtime data from any BACnet Internet-connected building, and generate professional performance reports, quickly and accurately.
Continuously downloading mechanical and electrical system logs into an industry standard SQL database, RC-Archive delivers a robust record of performance from your internet-connected BACnet facility.
Professional 2D and 3D System Group graphics for your building automation system generated using this full featured, easy to use, non-proprietary, online graphical images and services software, RC-GrafxSet.

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