Building Automation & Energy Management Solutions

Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting gives you the ability to view and manage your occupant comfort, equipment conditions, energy management, and important alarms regardless of the number of buildings or users you have. In other words, we are completely flexible to provide you with the systems necessary to meet your needs.

Our core business is the provision of control systems to manage your main sources of energy consumption: heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting, however our capabilities extend much further.

Our Solutions

Building Automation

Using the latest technologies, solutions that truly automate your building.

Test & Balance

Calibrate your current system using our state of the art skills and techniques.


Help bring your system online, efficiently and on budget.


Customized services to manage and maintain your building systems.

BIM Modeling

Building Information Modeling services to plan, design, construct, and manage your building.

Energy Monitoring

Building performance reports to improve efficiency throughout your facility.


Customized maintenance plans that meet and exceed the needs of your building.


24 / 7 service and support. Reach us when you need us.

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