Our Difference

Whether you've been burned in the past by underqualified controls contractors and consultants or you're in search of a brand new solution to bring your building into the future, Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting has you covered. 

Work with our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals to determine the best way to solve your problems and meet your goals and see the difference experience, care and reliability can make.

Our People

The Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting team is comprised of a team of controls engineering experts from a diverse array of backgrounds.

With varied experience, our team members don't always think alike and we think that's great! Regardless of the problem you're facing, someone on our team has likely solved it before. That's why our team members frequently collaborate, especially when troubleshooting on behalf of our clients. 

Every technician employed by Pittsburgh Controls is 100% factory-trained and certified in their profession. We take time to carefully screen our candidates, ensuring they have the experience and personality necessary to provide every client with exemplary service that meets our high standards.

Our Service

When we say we provide great service, we mean it. 

Our company and every person we work with truly cares for our clients. You'll see our values shine through in every interaction you have with our team. 

We're committed to being there when you need us most. We're responsive, we're reliable and we're trustworthy. 

When you choose to work with Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting, you're gaining more than a partner. Our experts become an extension of your team, acting as the eyes and ears of your facility. In some cases, you'll even find our team members providing trusted advice in areas we don't directly oversee.

What to Expect

Well-trained and well-educated

Our team members never stop learning. We provide them with ongoing certification and training, ensuring they have the most up-to-date industry knowledge and can make sound recommendations to every client, moving your building into the future. 

Our award-winning team has a proven dedication to the advancement of technical knowledge.

There When You Need Us

From the very start of your relationship with us to the very end, we're here to help. Let Pittsburgh Controls be your trusted advisor on all matters relating to your building systems and controls.

Implementation and Ongoing Support

Whenever possible, we source materials and equipment that's manufactured and distributed in the U.S. The tools we use and the equipment we provide our clients with comes from trusted suppliers and always includes reliable warranties.

We stand behind the decisions we make and we're committed to providing you with the best products at the most affordable prices.

Let's Talk

Whether you have a small project in mind or large-scale system installation or replacement, Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting has the manpower and capabilities to take it on.

Trust our team of experienced and qualified experts to help you gain control of heating, cooling and lighting systems within your building so you can increase efficiency and reduce costs.