Building Automation

Building automation systems are designed to connect and automate systems within your facility.

That includes the systems that control your lighting, your heating and your cooling. While the intricacies of building automation from a commercial perspective are far greater, an automated or smart, building can be compared to a smart home that has built-in tools such as learning thermostats, smart speakers and smart lights installed.

What to Expect

In a world where global warming and environmental preservation are real issues that businesses face every day, ensuring that your building is fitted with the most energy-efficient controls is an important part of your budget and your business reputation.

You'll often find that building automation is a key feature of buildings that are considered green, or environmentally friendly, and there are several reasons for that.

Air quality

Building automation can help to maintain indoor air quality, minimizing pollutants, viral spores and free radicals in the air.

Optimized Efficiency

Automated controls optimized the efficiency of your HVAC system, taking actions such as controlling setpoints of boilers according to exterior temperatures, optimizing run times and maintaining ventilation at optimal and efficient flow rates.

MOtion Sensors

Built-in motion sensors ensure that light, heat and air conditioning aren't overworking at times when the building is unoccupied.


Lighting can be fully operated via motion sensors if desired, ensuring lights aren't left on in vacant rooms.

Reduce Your Operating Costs

Most of our clients come to us in search of help with the high cost of operating their systems and we're happy to report that this is where we excel. 

With a building automation system, you'll notice a considerable difference in your monthly operating costs. Expect to see a dramatic reduction in your heating, cooling and lighting expenses within the first billing cycle thanks to features such as:

  • Enterprise level scheduling allows you to easily create, maintain and update schedules across the entire system.
  • Individual room controls
  • Remote system monitoring and controls ensure your systems can rest when they're not needed

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