Commercial Offices

Having access to reliable and comfortable environments is critical for those who own and manage commercial offices. Yet, it is not always easy to do this, especially in larger office spaces. At Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting, our team works closely with commercial office managers to create streamlined solutions that meet each one of your needs. We have worked with many organizations in the region, including Shorenstein Property Management, Kossman Development, and numerous others.

A variety of factors play a role in what is important to manage in commercial offices. At the heart of this tends to be occupant comfort and occupant safety. This is paramount in providing a space where employees can be productive, effective, and happy. In addition to this, there is a need for many organizations to find ways to ease rising energy costs. There is little doubt that costs are likely to continue on this path for some time, but we offer solutions to keep costs lower.

What We Offer

Those in commercial offices can seek out the benefits we offer, including having an intelligent building that works for the property owner. We offer customized solutions for our clients, solutions that incorporate a wide range of cutting edge technologies.

What to Expect

Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting works with many organizations using a customized plan to create the ideal circumstances. This may include using RC WebView, a powerful enterprise solution that allows you to manage your building from anywhere in the world, providing an intelligent, far-reaching solution. We may also recommend using RC Reporter, a tool that can help organizations gather intelligence from archived building data to make better, more informed operational decisions. Finally, we often utilize RC Archive with our commercial office space clients. It is a tool that is constantly working in the background to download mechanical and electrical system loans to ensure you are maintaining performance.