Educational Facilities (K-12)

Providing access to a controlled environment in educational facilities, including the K to 12 area, is an important investment for many school districts and other providers. Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting provides a range of solutions for organizations and has done so for a long time. We work with organizations like the Washington School District, Baldwin Whitehall School District, and the Pittsburgh Public School System to provide customized solutions.

A lack of information on existing control graphics within these organizations is one of the biggest concerns. Simply, people just do not have the information they need. They often struggle with a lack of information on how systems are being controlled, or if they do have some information, it is inconsistent and typically does not provide enough insight to meet their needs.

What We Offer

We can improve this in various ways. We consult with the staff to determine the main issues, and then we work to investigate how the systems are currently working. Our goal is to develop and then integrate a solution to solve the problems and provide ongoing support for as long as needed.

What to Expect

When educational facilities take advantage of our resources at Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting, they typically see numerous benefits. They receive prompt and reliable service that they need to achieve the best possible outcome. They also gain control graphics with all points clearly and accurately shown so decision making is possible. We also handle trend information set up and then display it to assist with troubleshooting. We also provide categorized alarming that has been coordinated with facility staff to ensure proper escalation to appropriate parties. This type of comprehensive solution allows our team to solve problems and create long-lasting solutions, keeping costs lower for many school districts as part of the process.