Higher Educational Facilities

Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting works with many organizations in higher education to provide exceptional results. If your organization is struggling with rising energy costs or day-to-day complications that limit employee productivity, we can help you. We work with all types of educational facilities and across all spaces within their organization, from administration buildings to dorms and much more. Developing a custom solution for each space may be possible.

What We Offer

We offer a scalable solution that provides you with an easy way to interact with your control system. By improving this, it is possible to see many outstanding benefits. At the same time, our solution allows us to maintain a delicate balance between saving energy and maintaining the highest level of comfort for those using the space. 

Each college, university, or other educational facility needs a customized plan to address their needs. We can do that through a number of services and solutions. One of the ways we have helped other higher education facilities manage their energy consumption and needs is through hierarchical scheduling. This allows for a number of subsystems to be created to better manage areas with ease. A custom plan designed for your spaces can provide numerous benefits.

What to Expect

Higher education facilities seeking solutions are sure to see a number of benefits rather quickly. That includes lower utility bills, increased comfort to those using each of these paces, and stress relief knowing you are partnering with a company that cares as much about your facility as you do. 

With the investment in Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting, it’s possible to have fewer headaches and more control over energy use and comfort throughout the location. That means a more productive staff and comfortable students throughout these spaces.