One OxfOrd Centre

One Oxford Centre is a mixed-use office and retail complex located in the Grant Street corridor of downtown Pittsburgh. The 87,000 m2 facility offers a best-in-class office tower, showcasing 360 degree views, a prestigious tenant roster, on-site amenities, and notable sustainability and operational standards.

Project Details

Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer, Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting, successfully completed this retrofit project for One Oxford Centre, working to install new controls with existing equipment while keeping parts of the existing equipment in working order to meet budget requirements.

A specific challenge of this project was taking partial control over the air handling unit (AHU) while leaving the rest of the existing controls in place. A smoke purge/control project was completed that required making a modification to the existing air handler dampers and fans while keeping the rest of the air handler running under the existing controls. By placing a MACH-SystemTM controller in between the existing controller and the fan variable frequency drives (VFDs) and damper actuators, the additional required smoke purge control commands were added while still maintaining the existing control functionality of the unit. All of this was done without any software changes to the existing controller.

One Oxford Centre has a significant opportunity to increase

its energy efficiency by moving from pneumatic controls to a centralized building automation system. The flexible programming and scalability of the Reliable Controls MACH-System allowed Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting the ability to meet the technical requirements while staying Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting within budget.

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86,605 m2 (932,219 ft2)





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