System Integration

Your building is a complex maze of systems that are designed to keep you and other occupants comfortable and safe.

From HVAC systems that operate your furnace or boiler and your air conditioner to electrical systems that operate the lighting within your building, there's a lot to manage and oversee.

With a fully integrated system, you can operate more efficiently and ensure your systems are working for you.

What is System Integration? 

System integration consists of connecting your devices and systems, particularly your HVAC and electrical systems, to a central hub that enables you to manage and control functions more easily. 

When you work with Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting to integrate systems within your facility, you'll be able to access the data and controls you need in one location that features a simple, easy-to-operate interface.

The Benefits of an Integrated System

There are plenty of advantages to operating your building with an integrated, all-in-one control system. That includes: 

Reduced maintenance and operating costs

Simpler data that's easier to access

Stronger system security

Easier operation

Reduced downtime

Customizable Features

All products from Pittsburgh Controls and Consulting are fully customizable and designed to accommodate the unique needs of your building. Whether you want to schedule functions such as heating and cooling, monitor energy usage and analyze data to make improvements, or simply control systems remotely, we can build in the features you need most.

True Connections That Grow As You Do

Gain the peace of mind you need with a building that's truly connected. With systems that communicate with each other seamlessly, automation grows with you, giving you ongoing clarity and insight into your system, your energy usage, and your productivity. 

Get Started

Build a connected system that helps you and your team work smarter instead of harder. Contact Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting today and get started with an automated, integrated system now.