An automated system is only as good as its operator. 

When you choose Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting to provide you with a reliable and efficient building automation system, our work doesn't end with installation. We guide you through every step of the process, giving you the knowledge you need to oversee your controls from start to finish.

Education You Can Use

Most of our clients start their relationships with us with very little knowledge of the controls they use to effectively maintain their building. In fact, many aren't even aware of which controls they currently have in place. 

Trust our team to help you navigate the operation of your heating, cooling and lighting systems and our experts will work with you directly and make sure you have the knowledge you need to take control of your building.


In the beginning...

During your initial consultation, our experts will help you understand which controls you have in place, how they operate and what steps you can take to make them more efficient. They'll provide you with trusted advice and make recommendations for products and adjustments that will resolve issues with your system and have lasting positive impacts for years to come.


During installation and implementation

As our team works to install and implement new controls and systems within your facility, we'll take extra time to provide you and your team with comprehensive education. We'll ensure you can operate your controls efficiently and effectively interpret and analyze the data your system's interface delivers so that you can make adjustments to its operation whenever necessary to reduce energy costs and improve your energy efficiency.


After implementation

With ongoing support and assistance throughout the life of your system in your made for you maintenance plan, you'll receive consistent updates and new education regularly. 

Never feel lost or confused when it comes to managing your building's systems. Reach out for phone assistance anytime and ensure the people who need to know understand the ins and outs of your controls.

Gain a Partner For Life

Get in touch with Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting and tell us about your project. We're happy to work with you on projects of all sizes. Our experts will take time to understand your goals, investigate your issues and educate you and your team on the best ways to make dramatic change within your organization's controls systems. 

Reach out today to schedule a walkabout or give us a call to obtain more information before you get started.