Why Us?

The team at Pittsburgh Controls is committed to providing professional service and expert building automation solutions to help you gain control of your company's energy costs.

The Challenges We Solve


Your business is maxing out or exceeding its budget when it comes to expenses like heating, lighting and air conditioning.


You've worked with other controls consultants and resolutions have been short-lived or entirely unsuccessful.


Your company has multiple systems in place that are working against each other or are simply too difficult to navigate efficiently.


Your system is too complicated for you and your team to manage effectively.

How We Do It

Helping your business overcome cost and energy conservation challenges is what Pittsburgh Controls does best. We leverage years of expertise and ongoing education to help you install systems that work for you.


In most cases, our clients aren't sure what controls and systems they're using to heat, cool or light their property. When you consult with our team of professionals, we'll do the work to find out what you have, how it works and how it can be made better. 

We'll provide you with the information and the tools you need to make an informed decision. Our pros will educate you on:

  • What systems you have in place
  • How your systems work together
  • Recommended changes and how they'll affect what's already in place
  • The root cause of the problems you're facing

And on top of that, we'll break it down into plain language to ensure you gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of your building's systems.

We'll also help you focus on the big picture. Instead of recommending quick band-aid solutions, we'll show you how you can make positive changes to your controls that will garner long-term results.

Ongoing advice and support

When you work with Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting, you're working with a long-term, trusted advisor. We'll manage your system for you and we'll always be there when you need us.

Custom Solutions

Maybe you've been burned in the past by so-called cookie-cutter solutions from other automation and controls companies. You've been told there's just one option and offered a solution that doesn't address the complexity of your building or the systems you have installed. We're here to tell you that there is a better way. 

Every solution we develop for our clients is customized. We'll help you develop a plan that meets your needs, your goals and your budget. Using a holistic approach, we address the root cause of your problems and go from there, developing solutions that make your system manageable and affordable.

Better Service and Quality Supplies

Whether we're upgrading and automating the systems you have in place or overhauling your entire building and refitting it with new systems, we'll always use the best materials we can source and provide you with top-notch, reliable service.

You'll experience minimal downtime, be covered by industry-leading warranties and have access to a dedicated advisor who can answer questions whenever they arise. And most importantly, we'll never force you to purchase services or products you don't need or don't want.

Work With Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting and See the Difference Expertise Makes

Are you ready to improve energy efficiency, save money and simplify your building controls? Reach out to Pittsburgh Controls today and learn how we can help you.