How We Work

Feeling burdened by complicated systems or high energy costs? You're not alone. Thousands of businesses struggle to keep up in this area every day but thankfully, there's a clear answer.

Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting is here to provide you with viable, long-term solutions that keep your costs down and your energy efficiency high.

Here's how we do it.

The Challenges We Solve


Your business is maxing out or exceeding its budget when it comes to expenses like heating, lighting and air conditioning.


You've worked with other controls consultants and resolutions have been short-lived or entirely unsuccessful.


Your company has multiple systems in place that are working against each other or are simply too difficult to navigate efficiently.


Your system is too complicated for you and your team to manage effectively.

What to Expect


Initial Consultation

You'll meet with seasoned controls professionals who will ask you the necessary questions to get to the root of your problems. Our experts will listen to your concerns carefully, ensuring they understand your goals before setting to work. 



Once our team has a better understanding of what you're looking to improve and the challenges you're facing, we can conduct a full investigation to determine everything we need to know about your system. We'll look at:

  • What systems you have in place currently
  • How your systems are working (or not working) together
  • Where the root cause of your problems lies
  • What other improvements can be made to improve the functionality and energy efficiency of your systems



Once our experts have determined the root cause of your issues, we'll develop a solution that solves your problems and meets your long-term goals. 

We'll recommend improvements that automate your system, thus reducing costs and improving your energy efficiency, and we'll suggest ways to help keep your system operating with minimal downtime. 


Implementation and Ongoing Support

As soon as you're ready to get started, we'll develop a custom plan to integrate your solutions. We'll handle everything, making sure you have a better system, decreased energy costs, and the tools you need to operate efficiently.

Holistic, Sustainable Solutions

We understand that building system problems often go beyond controls and that's why we approach every client's concerns holistically and with an open mind. 

We develop and implement pragmatic solutions that ensure longevity and success. Our approach includes: 

  • Building automation: Automated controls and equipment that help you spend less on heating, air conditioning and lighting.
  • Enterprise software: Scalable software applications that help you chart your building's performance and monitor energy data in a simple, easy-to-understand way.
  • System integration: We condense systems data into one easy-to-use interface.
  • Service and support: We continue to provide ongoing support and service for as long as you're using the system.

Get in Touch

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