Industrial Facilities

Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting provides industrial facilities with the solutions they need. We work with organizations struggling with factors such as temperature, humidity, and pressure problems. In an industrial environment, where factors like this are so important to get just right, we can work to ensure there are options that meet the needs of our clients. We have worked with many industrial facilities, including organizations such as Evoqua, Haemonetics, PPG, Novasenta, and numerous others.

What We Offer

Common concerns in these areas typically include the need to minimize complaints related to humidity problems, temperature control, and pressure levels. Our goal is to do this by having a control system that displays all of the information needed to fully understand how each system is operating at any given time.

To achieve these goals, we work to maintain temperature, humidity, and pressure retirements for lab and clean room areas to function properly. We work closely with our clients to gain insight into their needs and goals. Each environment is unique, and our goal is to best understand what the specific areas of concern are so we can offer a solution for them. Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting works closely with industrial facility providers to ensure each one of these needs is met or exceeded.

What to Expect

We collaborate with the staff to fully understand the complex requirements of their industrial facility. We then work with the team to mitigate any potential hazards based on what has been found or experienced. In addition to this, we provide a scalable software solution to chart, report, and easily understand the building’s performance. This is often designed to specifically target the area with complex retirements.