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At Pittsburgh Controls, we service a number of industries - from healthcare and construction to higher education and corporate facilities. Our aim is to provide best-in-class management and automation solutions that reduce the cost of your building’s primary sources of energy consumption.

Higher Educational Facilities

Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting works with many organizations in higher education to provide exceptional results. If your organization is struggling with rising energy costs or day-to-day complications that limit employee productivity, we can help you. We work with all types of educational facilities and across all spaces within their organization, from administration buildings to dorms and much more. Developing a custom solution for each space may be possible.

What We Offer

We offer a scalable solution that provides you with an easy way to interact with your control system. By improving this, it is possible to see many outstanding benefits. At the same time, our solution allows us to maintain a delicate balance between saving energy and maintaining the highest level of comfort for those using the space. 

Each college, university, or other educational facility needs a customized plan to address their needs. We can do that through a number of services and solutions. One of the ways we have helped other higher education facilities manage their energy consumption and needs is through hierarchical scheduling. This allows for a number of subsystems to be created to better manage areas with ease. A custom plan designed for your spaces can provide numerous benefits.

What to Expect

Higher education facilities seeking solutions are sure to see a number of benefits rather quickly. That includes lower utility bills, increased comfort to those using each of these paces, and stress relief knowing you are partnering with a company that cares as much about your facility as you do. 

With the investment in Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting, it’s possible to have fewer headaches and more control over energy use and comfort throughout the location. That means a more productive staff and comfortable students throughout these spaces. 


Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting offers comprehensive solutions for the healthcare industry. We work with a wide range of providers within the region, including WVUM, Weirton Medical Center, Heritage Valley Health System, and many others. Our goal is to provide insights that help to reduce downtime and increase patient comfort in a high use area and where very specific needs exist. 

Those within the healthcare industry typically face a number of challenges, including system downtime that costs them valuable employee hours. They also must create a comfortable and functional space for their patients, which can be a challenge in some situations. It's also critical for healthcare companies, from medical facilities to large-scale doctor's offices, to have the support they need whenever they need it.

What We Offer

Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting offers comprehensive solutions to meet these needs. That includes our RC WebView, RC Archive, and RC Reporter services. These powerful enterprise solutions can help with managing most needs in the healthcare setting. RC WebView is a powerful tool that meets and exceeds standards allowing operators to command systems from anywhere. 

Our RC Reporter solution provides intelligence from archived building data to help with improving decision making. It is fully customizable to fit the parameters necessary in your establishment. Each of our tools allows for outstanding results, quick solutions, and accurate results. RC Archive provides continuous downloading of mechanic and electrical system loans. That helps to ensure records of performance are always available when necessary.

What to Expect

With Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting, we can provide you with the relief you need from downtime and patient concerns. You also can feel good knowing you are working with a partner who understands the critical nature of your work within the healthcare industry. We have ample experience to meet the needs of these demanding spaces, creating solutions for our clients, unlike any other provider.

Commercial Offices

Having access to reliable and comfortable environments is critical for those who own and manage commercial offices. Yet, it is not always easy to do this, especially in larger office spaces. At Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting, our team works closely with commercial office managers to create streamlined solutions that meet each one of your needs. We have worked with many organizations in the region, including Shorenstein Property Management, Kossman Development, and numerous others.

A variety of factors play a role in what is important to manage in commercial offices. At the heart of this tends to be occupant comfort and occupant safety. This is paramount in providing a space where employees can be productive, effective, and happy. In addition to this, there is a need for many organizations to find ways to ease rising energy costs. There is little doubt that costs are likely to continue on this path for some time, but we offer solutions to keep costs lower.

What We Offer

Those in commercial offices can seek out the benefits we offer, including having an intelligent building that works for the property owner. We offer customized solutions for our clients, solutions that incorporate a wide range of cutting edge technologies.

What to Expect

Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting works with many organizations using a customized plan to create the ideal circumstances. This may include using RC WebView, a powerful enterprise solution that allows you to manage your building from anywhere in the world, providing an intelligent, far-reaching solution. We may also recommend using RC Reporter, a tool that can help organizations gather intelligence from archived building data to make better, more informed operational decisions. Finally, we often utilize RC Archive with our commercial office space clients. It is a tool that is constantly working in the background to download mechanical and electrical system loans to ensure you are maintaining performance.

Corporate Facilities

Corporate facilities are notorious for being difficult to manage and oversee without intelligent solutions. Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting offers those solutions. We work with many types of organizations to provide exceptional results, including corporate facilities for PNC, One Oxford Centre, Verizon, and numerous others in the area. We work to handle most types of properties with exceptional results.

Many times corporate facilities struggle with hot and cold complaints. In addition to this, they often struggle with slow response times and an inconsistent level of information on how systems are being controlled. Sometimes there is a lack of this information completely. This makes for an inefficient environment and, often, higher than necessary costs.

What We Offer

Finding a solution for this type of corporate environment often takes careful consideration of numerous factors. A customized plan is often necessary. We work with the facility staff to help identify the root cause of their problems. This provides insight into what could be improved upon and what is causing the most frustration for the company. We then work to develop custom control solutions to make the systems manageable and, most importantly for some, affordable.

What to Expect

When organizations work with Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting, they end up with numerous benefits. This includes comfortable occupants, which may be one of the most important transitions for them. They also gain access to control graphics that will clearly and accurately show all points, so they know exactly what is occurring. In addition to this, organizations can expect prompt and reliable service on a consistent basis. They can also gain access to training options for facility staff and other users. By providing comprehensive and customizable solutions, organizations are able to improve environments at a high level, often ensuring outstanding results for those who work in these spaces.

Educational Facilities (K-12)

Providing access to a controlled environment in educational facilities, including the K to 12 area, is an important investment for many school districts and other providers. Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting provides a range of solutions for organizations and has done so for a long time. We work with organizations like the Washington School District, Baldwin Whitehall School District, and the Pittsburgh Public School System to provide customized solutions.

A lack of information on existing control graphics within these organizations is one of the biggest concerns. Simply, people just do not have the information they need. They often struggle with a lack of information on how systems are being controlled, or if they do have some information, it is inconsistent and typically does not provide enough insight to meet their needs.

What We Offer

We can improve this in various ways. We consult with the staff to determine the main issues, and then we work to investigate how the systems are currently working. Our goal is to develop and then integrate a solution to solve the problems and provide ongoing support for as long as needed.

What to Expect

When educational facilities take advantage of our resources at Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting, they typically see numerous benefits. They receive prompt and reliable service that they need to achieve the best possible outcome. They also gain control graphics with all points clearly and accurately shown so decision making is possible. We also handle trend information set up and then display it to assist with troubleshooting. We also provide categorized alarming that has been coordinated with facility staff to ensure proper escalation to appropriate parties. This type of comprehensive solution allows our team to solve problems and create long-lasting solutions, keeping costs lower for many school districts as part of the process.

Industrial Facilities

Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting provides industrial facilities with the solutions they need. We work with organizations struggling with factors such as temperature, humidity, and pressure problems. In an industrial environment, where factors like this are so important to get just right, we can work to ensure there are options that meet the needs of our clients. We have worked with many industrial facilities, including organizations such as Evoqua, Haemonetics, PPG, Novasenta, and numerous others.

What We Offer

Common concerns in these areas typically include the need to minimize complaints related to humidity problems, temperature control, and pressure levels. Our goal is to do this by having a control system that displays all of the information needed to fully understand how each system is operating at any given time.

To achieve these goals, we work to maintain temperature, humidity, and pressure retirements for lab and clean room areas to function properly. We work closely with our clients to gain insight into their needs and goals. Each environment is unique, and our goal is to best understand what the specific areas of concern are so we can offer a solution for them. Pittsburgh Controls & Consulting works closely with industrial facility providers to ensure each one of these needs is met or exceeded.

What to Expect

We collaborate with the staff to fully understand the complex requirements of their industrial facility. We then work with the team to mitigate any potential hazards based on what has been found or experienced. In addition to this, we provide a scalable software solution to chart, report, and easily understand the building's performance. This is often designed to specifically target the area with complex retirements.